2019 Advent Post: Lost and then Found!

Recently my parents came to visit from Florida. My dad isn’t very high tech and doesn’t use a phone or GPS system. Unfortunately, this is not a formula for success if you are traveling around a new city. His cousin came to town to visit his family who also live in Raleigh. The two of them were going to meet up and go fishing together! My dad looked up the directions online and thought he was prepared to find his way to where they were going to meet. Well around 5pm that afternoon (hours after we thought he would come home), he walks through the door with a big smile on his face and says, “Boy am I so happy to be back I could kiss the floor!” Needless to say he had gotten lost driving not only to the lake that morning but also on the way home that afternoon and had been driving all over Raleigh for the past two hours. I think he had probably seen all of the city by this point.

Have you ever been lost? What emotions have you felt while lost? Frustrated, angry, frantic? The joy you feel when you finally find your destination is immense!

Luke 15 gives us 3 parables about being lost and then found: the lost sheep, the lost coin and the lost son.

Flip it the other way and what emotions have you felt when you lost someone or something? Have you ever lost your keys or phone? Or have you been in a store or at the park and lost sight of your child? Even if it’s for a split second, the feeling of sheer panic engulfs you!

When I was young and immature, I had a hard time with the parable of the lost son. I had selfish feelings and thought very similarly to how the brother felt. From a human perspective, it was hard to understand why we should receive the same reward If I had been living my whole life faithful and my friend/peer/etc had been living a sinful life for so long and suddenly runs back for forgiveness. However, now that I’m older I see this story very differently. I FEEL very differently. I now understand better God’s love and forgiveness. If it was my sibling who was lost and came back crying and asking for another chance, I would feel as the father felt; overjoyed and ready to forgive him instantaneously. This is how we should feel towards not only our brothers and sisters in Christ but to complete strangers who come “home” to Jesus. Being lost can be lonely and scary. Let’s be a source of comfort and support to those looking to be found!

You are loved!
Lacey Dellapace