Advent Devotional: Knowing God

Since the world began, people have been asking themselves, “What is God like?” There have been attempts to classify God according to the things he has done, the words he has spoken, even the images that he has used to display his power to us. In the Bible, we see God teach the Israelites about himself through the law, showing them his character and his invisible attributes through his relationship with his special people. If we look back into the Old Testament, we find that God always had a deeper purpose, a special plan where he would eventually make his character known in an understandable and plain way to all people.

Isaiah 7:14 makes this plan plain when it says, “The virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel.” (NRSV) The name “Immanuel” means, God is with us and points to the coming of Jesus. One of the reasons that the virgin birth is such an important part of the Advent story is because it confirms who Jesus is, he is God with us. As we pursue a better understanding of God, we cannot find a better example than Jesus. Many of the attributes of God that have been difficult to see throughout history are revealed through the person of Jesus and there is no more important question to those who wish to know the character of God than “What would Jesus do?” or perhaps “What did Jesus do?” We cannot lose sight of how important Jesus is even when we are asking big questions about God and his character. If you search for God, you will find Jesus, and if you follow Jesus, you will be transformed into the character of God. Of all the things we celebrate this season, let’s celebrate that God is with us in Jesus and that he is always close enough to follow.

You are loved!