Advent Devotional: Marvel in the Miraculous

The Advent season is all about the miraculous. I was struck by this obvious fact the other day when I was reading about Jesus’ birth story with my kids. As they repeated the basics of the story back to me while we read, it stuck out to me that the things we were talking about so matter-of-factly were really amazing and super-natural events! I find this same principle at work when I read through the introduction (1:1-18) to the Gospel of John. I have read and studied this passage so many times that I can explain the key concepts and big ideas without much thought about the miracle behind it all:

Jesus was with God in the beginning. He was not created by God, he is God. In fact, everything that was created was created through Him. I have long accepted these facts, but I have not often stepped back to marvel at miraculousness of what they mean.  Just sit back and think about what this passage means about Jesus. Jesus was intimately tied to creation even before he became flesh to be in creation. He is immensely powerful and his work in creation cannot be overstated. We have no way in understanding the power that is required to create, but when we read the creation story in Genesis 1:1, we are reading about Jesus and His power. And yet with all that, Jesus decided to become a small, vulnerable child even though he knew what awaited him in the world. That type of vulnerability became the hallmark of Jesus’ life on earth. He submitted himself to rulers, even when it was clear that he knew they were wrong. He spent his life illuminating injustice and visioning his kingdom where the gross wrongs of this world would be eradicated, and yet he made himself so lowly that he suffered the greatest injustice of all time. The one with all the power came to do something besides show how powerful he was. He asked us to trust in his miraculous power, but also to trust in the ways he would decide to use it.

The significance we find this season is due to the fact that, from the beginning Jesus’ existence has been miraculous. In all he has does in his creation and incarnation, Jesus can never cease to be miraculous and that miraculous nature is now a part of us, through his Spirit. This Advent season we are being constantly reminded of Jesus’ nature, but this nature is not simply something that calls us to remember. The vision of Jesus as a child also calls us to believe and profess that someday, Jesus will return again. His powers of incarnation and creation will be perfectly united, and we will finally know what it is like to be with Him in his full glory and power. What a great time to remember that we will one day live in the miraculous where Jesus will have no reason to hold back his power.

You are loved!