Church Regathering

Dear North Raleigh Church Family,

We trust this note finds you well. The past several weeks have been difficult for many in our country and community.  Thank you for the many ways you have stayed engaged in our mission to Live Jesus, Give Jesus in these historic times.  Just because we have not gathered at our campus, it does NOT mean that our church ever closed. 

We have started the process of developing phases for the North Raleigh family to regather starting in mid-June.  We believe we are designed, by God, to gather face to face.  Our sentiments are similar to Paul, who said, “But since we were torn away from you, brothers, for a short time, in person not in heart, we endeavored the more eagerly and with great desire to see you face to face…” (2 Thessalonians 2:17 ESV).

While we are anxious to reunite as a church family, we also continue to honor principles that have guided us during COVID-19:

  • We want to love our neighbors. From the start of the pandemic, we shared our goal to exercise precaution to help protect the most vulnerable among us.
  • We want to listen to leaders. That is why we are closely monitoring government guidelines and giving heed to medical and public policy experts. 
  • We want to learn best practices. As we move toward reunion, we learn from those who have already reopened.  This includes other state guidelines, similar sized churches, schools, theatres and businesses.  They have good lessons for us to learn.
  • We want to continue to move through this with flexibility, adaptability and agility which may include having to return to electronic only gatherings if the situation worsens once again.

As we adhere to these principles, we plan for our regathering.  Church will look and feel different than three months ago.  We want to be as prayerful and careful as possible so we can do it the right way and safe way, for all of our members and guests. More details will be released as we go forward.  Please pray for us.

We are not calling it a “reopening” because we never closed.  Our desire is to reframe the question away from “When will we reopen?” to better questions which include:

  • What are new ways during COVID that God opened us to?
  1. More people opening Bibles.
  2. More people opening hearts in prayer. North Raleigh may have more people praying than ever before in our history using our daily COVID prayer guides.
  3. More people opening hearts and supporting Gods work by continuing to tithe and support the church through donations.
  4. More people opening time to serve our community during Operation Feeding Hope. The people of God are those who rush in during difficult times, not run away. 
  5. More openings for online engagement. More people, from all across our community and country, are visiting our website.
  6. More opportunity to enhance our online presence by implementing livestream (which will be operational by the time we regather).
  7. More openings filled in Connect Groups & other additional times of Bible teaching.

North Raleigh never closed, but is open in fresh and new ways to the mission of God because of COVID-19. Our hope and prayer is that we will continue to be open and that these new opportunities will never close.

  • What are the new ways that God has opened you up to a larger and involved role in His mission with and through the North Raleigh Church?

In the meantime, before our reunion, we will continue to focus on connecting with you digitally as we worship at home, share resources and utilize technology for group meetings.  We are committed to gathering again and seeing your faces very soon.

You are loved!

The North Raleigh Church of Christ Shepherds & Staff