Cross Walk Devotional: Eat

1 Cor 11:24 “..Take it and eat your fill. It is my body, which is given for you. Do this to remember me.” (TPT)
It’s just moments or hours before his betrayal. He knows what is coming all too well. This has been in the works since time began. Jesus will soon stand alone against the forces of evil as He does His redemptive work on the cross, bearing all the sin, guilt, and shame of humanity for all time. It had to be this way, but the thought of it must’ve still hurt him deeply.

And yet, Jesus tells the disciples to “eat their fill” of the bread – of His body, His essence. He said this to them as they physically ate the bread at this Passover meal which was the first observance of the Lord’s supper – the same supper that Christians all over the world have regularly celebrated throughout the centuries to this very day. What a beautiful glimpse we have into this Holy moment over 2000 years ago when our Lord shared it with his disciples for the first time. It’s amid this backdrop that he humbles himself – he loves – despite what is to come. He knows that later when they celebrate this meal in the future, they will remember this night and it will all make sense.

What about us? We know we are supposed to do it. It’s the main reason we come together, in fact. The very thought that we would go through a Sunday worship service without observing the Lord’s supper would result in anger, guilt, sorrow, and disappointment. Yet do we understand and appreciate the essence? Do we understand that Jesus’ invitation is about even more than the supper itself? That it’s a divine invitation to share in His very essence? I think it’s safe to say that we have all been guilty at times of making the meal as efficient as possible, even perhaps viewing it as an item to check off our spiritual “to-do” list. Yet Jesus calls them to “eat their fill”.

It makes me wonder if in some ways our efficient observation of the supper is a reflection of our discipleship. Could it be that we have become satisfied with just a small occasional “taste” of the Lord? When you reflect on your life, can you honestly say that you hunger and thirst after righteousness (Matt 5:6)? Have you tasted and seen the goodness of the Lord (Psalm 34:8)? Can you say that His words are sweeter than honey (Psalm 119:103)?

An appetite is developed. The more I eat, the more my appetite grows. The more I taste, the more I develop a sense for what is good. Conversely, the longer I go without eating, the more I get used to it and the less appetite I have. A true hunger for the Lord does not happen overnight; it is developed. The Lord – the God who created the very heavens and the earth – has invited each of us into deep relationship with himself through the power and fellowship of the Holy Spirit. Such an amazing invitation and gift!

What’s holding you back? Refuse to be satisfied with just an occasional taste. He bids you to come and eat your fill. The table is set. He desires to dine with you. What are you waiting for?