Cross Walk Devotional: Follow or Follow Not

On the last night Jesus was with his disciples prior to his death, He shared with them that there would be betrayal and denial. Of course, He was right. In his three years of ministry Jesus had been laying out what allegiance to Him and His Kingdom looked like.

So, Peter told Jesus that he would follow him even if it meant his death, though at this time, Peter still had his own earthly hopes and dreams in mind about Jesus’ Kingdom. After Jesus’ arrest, Peter followed Jesus to the priests’ courtyard, and he did deny Jesus just as had been predicted. He wasn’t committed to Jesus’ Kingdom vision yet.

We know Jesus said that a person that would follow Him would have to “deny themselves and take up their cross.” What do these conditions really mean in our lives today?

Just as Peter denied Jesus on that night, we too have the tendency to deny Jesus in a variety of ways. We fail to proclaim Jesus’ message, we fail to place our trust in Jesus and trust in our own ways, and we fail to “hunger and thirst for righteousness,” to name a few.

As we reflect on our lives, are we denying the lordship of our own lives and proclaiming Jesus as our Lord? When we “take up our cross”, do we realize that Jesus is calling us to die to our own hopes and dreams and allow Jesus to resurrect them to His purpose?

Jesus said that if we want to save our lives, we will lose them, but if we lose our lives for His sake, then we will save our lives (Luke 9:24).  The good news is that just as this was a process for Peter, it is for us as well. Denying ourselves is a continuous process of trusting Jesus with our complete life.

Lord, we ask for the courage and passion to follow your Son Jesus according to His call and not in our own ways. We give our thanks for the wonderful example of Jesus in how to live in His ways and may we do your work, your way.

Grace and peace!

You are loved! Jackie Gass