Cross Walk Devotional: Stay the Course

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Jesus hung on the cross for six hours of sheer agony. That was after a severe beating and having to carry the cross part of the way.He was on the cross from the third hour (9 am) to the ninth hour (3 pm). He was now at the pinnacle of His walk on the earth. We would be the beneficiary of His travails. Our sins could only be remitted by His sacrifice. – Amen

We are now at the sixth hour when Jesus speaks. “Eloi Eloi, lema sabachtani?” – “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” This is a direct quote from Psalm 22:1. Wonderful psalm, reading it will give you a better understanding of the sentiment Jesus is expressing. I am sure you will see yourself in the words therein.

The use of this passage by Jesus brings up some good questions. Why do you think Jesus was saying this? Do you think Jesus being fully God as well as man felt real distance from God? Is it even possible for God to feel separate from Himself? This is good theology and will lead to many interesting studies if you should pursue.

Here is another idea, could Jesus in His expressions be telling us that this feeling is a common reaction in difficult times?  Could Jesus in His kind and nurturing ways be bolstering us for the ways we will feel whilst in the midst of struggle? Recall Jesus tells us in this world we will have trouble.  Also, the night before the crucifixion Jesus was asking to be excused from the task at hand. Can we from these teachings learn to cope better with our struggles or disasters?

Have you ever felt God to be distant from you, not in touch with you at all? Have you abandoned yourself to ‘my way’ mode?  Do you grow impatient with God and become demanding in your prayers? Or do you find yourself doubting God’s very existence because somehow you think the Christian walk should be without pain or bother?

Recall passages like the ones in James that tell us to count it all joy when we face trials of many kinds (James 1:2,3). Take a lesson from Jesus:  the victory is a certainty no matter how we might feel or what we experience. So, when you have difficult times, do as Jesus did. Keep talking to God and stay the course.

You are loved!

Edward Constantine