Cross Walk Devotional: The Struggle is Inevitable

There are times in each of our lives when forces are at work to undermine what we are attempting to do or so it might seem. We try very hard to be stewards of the tasks our Father has given to us. We read our scriptures almost daily (that’s the plan anyway). We pray for others: the lost, the sick, our family, for those that ask. Just a genuine person walking by faith, well mostly.

Something that lurks just beneath the surface in our belief system is, if I walk uprightly and do the right things as best I can, things will also work for me. We believe we will have a life free of major struggles. We would never teach this but we surely believe it. Have you ever thought or verbalized, “I have lived a good life. Why is his happening to me?” Well guess what, the devil would like you to believe it is due to your failings or your lack of efforts. Remember it is not up to you. We are justified by the finished work of Christ.

Jesus had detractors, and he lived a sin-free life and yet from within his group sprang his betrayer. Whatever your response to this, the main point here is that you will always face times in your walk with God where you might be betrayed, cheated, treated unfairly. At times it could be someone you trust. No matter what you might be facing, maintain your focus through continued reading of the word, praying, talking with a close follower of Christ, and keep your thoughts focused on the spirit. Keeping up your spiritual strength will help with the feelings, desires and actions that might be associated with what you are going through.

You are loved!
Edward Constantine