Cross Walk Devotional: Transformation

One of the most fascinating characteristics of the Bible that attests to its authenticity is the human frailty of so many of its characters.  Beginning with the dysfunction of the first family where Cain kills his brother Abel, to the fleshly weakness and moral failure of King David, the Bible is rife with flawed characters.  But these characters don’t hide in the background like extras on a movie set. These are the “heroes” of the story used to deliver God’s message to mankind.

The trend doesn’t end with the Old Testament as the recurring theme continues in the New Testament among the apostles, who like the children of Israel wandering in the desert, at times seem lost to the true meaning of the Gospel story.  We see their faith repeatedly waiver, their doubts emerge and their human frailty surface over and over. As the Gospel story rushes to its climax as Jesus is arrested, nearly all the apostles abandon him and he who would become our savior suffers alone.

The apostle Peter provides perhaps the greatest New Testament example of human frailty when he denies Jesus three times on the fateful evening.

Yet there is a transforming moment after which the remaining 11, along with the appointed replacement for Judas, demonstrate an undying commitment to the mission Jesus laid out for them.  That moment of truth is the resurrection where doubts and fears are replaced with steadfast faith and hope. From that moment these 12 men, and many more witnesses of the resurrection, live transformed lives where a spiritual focus outweighs their mere physical existence.

Each day I’m reminded of my many frailties, weaknesses, doubts, fears, and failures.  But hope still abounds for the cross and the empty tomb still provide the transforming power to lead me into a spirit-filled domain.  The entire Bible points to the cross as the Old Testament anticipates it and the New Testament reveals it, reflects on its power and inspires us to celebrate it until He comes again.

My prayer for all of us is that this Easter season will transform our doubt into faith and our fears into hope as we marvel at the love, grace and mercy of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Transform me, Father!

You are loved!

James Peterman