Operation Feeding Hope
We are excited to share in this wonderful opportunity to unite and serve our community!

Over the next two months of the Covid-19 crisis, we plan to feed 150 families who are low-income or homeless as identified by the Wake County Public School System. This is a great way to do the most good in our community with as minimal risk as possible to all involved!

This is a collaborative effort with Brooks Avenue Church of Christ, North Raleigh Church of Christ and Lifepointe and will be starting with distributing grocery bags on April 5 at Lifepointe and already-prepared meals on April 12 at North Raleigh Church of Christ. Northern Raleigh has been identified as the most underserved area at this time. Meals and grocery bags will be served from 5-7pm each Sunday night in April and May.

Already-prepared meals will be provided at North Raleigh Church of Christ one week and grocery bags will be distributed the following week at Lifepointe Church. This will alternate each week and the goal is to feed 125-150 people per week.

Volunteers need to understand there are risks to serving in this way and that we are in no way asking you to serve. You should ask yourself some questions and based on those answers, decide how you will or will not serve. If you are between the ages of 18-60, in good health, have not traveled to known virus hotspots, and are willing to adhere to all safety procedures including distancing yourself completely from all others, consider volunteering. If you have any underlying health conditions, have family members in your home with underlying health conditions, are over the age of 60, generally do not feel well, have a fever, or are unwilling to adjust to safety recommendations, please stay home.
Whether or not you volunteer to distribute meals, you also have an opportunity to “adopt” a grocery bag to fill. This will be enough food to feed a family of 5 for one meal. Completed bags will be collected at Lifepointe from 11-1pm on the following days: March 30, April 1, 13, 15, 27, 29, May 11, 13, 25, 27.

Grocery Bag Shopping List

To “adopt” a grocery bag, please fill them using the list below.  Then either drop them off at the North Raleigh Church building or call the office and we’ll pick them up from your porch.
At least 2 canned meats such as:
At least 2 canned vegetables such as:
Green Beans
At least 2 fruit containers such as:
Fruit salad cups
At least 1 starch such as:
Boxed mashed potatoes
Loaf bread
Macaroni and cheese (microwaveable preferred)
Juice or shelf-stable milk such as:
Boxed juice
64oz. juice
Boxed shelf-stable milk (Horizon, LaLa, Silk)
1 snack item such as:
Trail mix
Lance Crackers
Veggie Straws