What to Expect

Welcome to the North Raleigh Church of Christ!
Welcome Visitors!
You are loved and welcomed to join us for worship or Bible study anytime. Know that we are a fellowship of believers in and followers of Jesus Christ. We are incredibly flawed people dependent on God’s grace, trying to become better reflections of our Savior. It is our joy to participate in the work God is doing! We pray you will join us. ~Kent Massey, Minister
What do I expect from a worship service?

Sunday morning is a time for celebration! We come together as a group of broken and imperfect people to stand before the perfect God of the universe. During this time we sing praises together, we pray together, we share in the Lord’s Supper, and we listen to an applicable message from God’s word.

Do you offer a nursery or Junior Worship?

Yes! Our wonderful Children’s Minister, Melissa Holland, works hard to ensure your children are fed spiritually at North Raleigh Church of Christ. We have a staffed nursery available. Also, during the worship assembly on Sunday mornings (10:00 am to 11:30 am) we offer Junior Worship for our younger members and visitors ages 4 years to 3rd grade. Please stop and pre-register your children before they head into the auditorium and wait for Junior Worship to be announced.

At registration, two security labels will be issued for each child. The child will wear one label at all times while they are in the care of our volunteers. The other label will be given to the parents (or other designee of the parents) to pick-up the child when worship is over. There will be a security point at the end of our main hallway. Only volunteers, children wearing a label, and adults delivering a child to a classroom will be allowed to enter the kids’ hallway. Once Junior Worship is announced, please escort your child to the designated area. We use a number board at the front of the auditorium to alert parents that they are needed to assist with their child.

What should I wear?

Some choose to wear suits, others choose to wear flip-flops, and God accepts the worship of both, so don’t worry so much about what you wear. Just come as you are – we look forward to seeing you!

Do you offer Sunday school classes?

We are not offering Sunday school classes before or after worship at this time.

Do you meet during the week for Bible study?

This Summer, we are offering one adult class called In This Day and Age on Wednesday nights at 7:00 pm. It meets in our Worship Center and is led by our Minister, Kent Massey. The class will explore the answers to the questions our culture is asking right now. We also offer dynamic and engaging Bible classes for children all ages.

We will be launching Connect Groups (small groups who will meet together) this Fall. This ministry will be led by our Outreach Minister, David Condon.

Do you have a Youth Group?

Yes, we have a thriving youth group made up of kind-hearted teens who are led by Jon Cooke, our Family Minister. They love to fellowship together, attend youth events, and serve the North Raleigh community.