Worshipping at North Raleigh Church of Christ

Worship is a powerful thing! It is an opportunity to invite God into our lives in a way that helps us show the world the reason for the hope that is within us.

Here at North Raleigh, we strive for a worship experience that prepares the heart and mind to receive God’s inspired word, energizes us to go into the world as faithful servants, and challenges us to soften our hearts to be forever transformed into the example we see in Jesus. In a time when many congregations are providing amazing and heartfelt worship experiences through contemporary instrumental music, North Raleigh chooses to pursue an inclusive worship environment by honoring the acapella traditions that make the Church of Christ unique. We are passionate about balancing classic hymns that have stood the test of time with acapella arrangements of contemporary worship songs in a way that invites everyone in attendance to sing as the Spirit moves them.

We use song slides that include words and notes in 4-part harmony, and we have lightly amplified praise team members throughout the congregation to help those who don’t read music learn the songs. There are so many wonderful churches that will allow you to worship and grow closer to God in the North Raleigh area, and we invite you to come and see what it’s like to be a part of the choir as we all lift up our voices in praise to our King. And while ALL of our voices are beautiful and pleasing to God, we invite those of you who have voices that are especially pleasing to your neighbors to consider joining our praise team!